Weekly Schedules

Monday – Friday

7.45 am (after 7.00 am Mass)
1:45 pm (before 1.00 pm Mass)

Saturday: 7.00 am

Sunday: 7.30 am, 9.00 am, 11.00 am, All in English and 6.00 pm   (Charismatic)

Infant Baptism takes place at 11.00am in the last Sunday of every month. Registration and baptism instructions are there on Tuesday before the Sunday of Baptism at 7:00pm at the chaplaincy. Both parents and God parents must attend the instructions. Don’t come along with your child.

Monday – Saturday

7.45 am (after 7.00 am Mass)
1:45 pm (before 1.00 pm Mass)                    

 7.45 pm (after 7.00 am Mass)

Or you can meet any priest at the chaplaincy during office hours

We have Holy Hour Adoration every Thursday after the 1:00pm Mass. And extended Adoration on the last Thursday of the month after 6:00pm Mass to 9pm.


Upcoming Events

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